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 Home Made Ouija Board and Spirits

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PostSubject: Home Made Ouija Board and Spirits   Wed Sep 01, 2010 1:28 am

Home Made Ouija Board and Spirits

by Dylan

The night before we were both talking about the weird things that have happened in my house and somehow we got on the subject of Ouija boards. Neither of us had ever used one. But I had read enough stories on this site to know how to make one and the proper way to use it. So we decided that the next day we would make and use it.
That morning after we made the board we found a dark room to use it in. We lit three candles and said the Lord’s prayer. when we first started we asked if their were any spirits that wanted to contact us. The shot glass that we were using as the planchette moved to the letter “I”. It didn’t move it all after that no matter what questions we asked, so we said goodbye and ended the session.
Now we definitely should not have done this but we continued to keep going back to the Ouija board after each session that we ended.
The second time we came back the board worked a lot better and we contacted a girl named Abigail who said she was five years old, but that was about all the information we got. Now the third time is when things got interesting. The spirit said it’s name was, Riuh, and that he was 76 years old, but when we asked what year he was born and what year he died, he said 1976 both times. Now, if he would have been born in 1976 he would be only 34 right now. That was pretty odd to me, but shortly after we ended the session.
The fourth and last time was by far the scariest. We asked for the spirits name and it said “Wes”. We asked how old he was and he said “22″. By now Kyle had gotten the hang of it and he took over on the questions (bad mistake). Kyle asked if the spirit was an angel, it said “no.” Then he asked if it was a demon. “Yes”. After that I wanted to say goodbye and get out of there, but Kyle insisted on asking more questions. He asked, Do you want to harm or hurt anyone in this house. It said “yes” and right afterward one of the candles tipped over and spilled hot wax all over Kyle’s hand. I took over and said we would like to say goodbye, but the planchette moved to “no” and then went to the number 6 and spun around the number three times and then moved to goodbye.
After that me and Kyle burnt the board and have no more intentions on ever using one again.

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Home Made Ouija Board and Spirits
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