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 Black Oak Ghosts

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PostSubject: Black Oak Ghosts   Wed Sep 01, 2010 1:32 am

Black Oak Ghosts

by David

This happened last month near the end of July. I went up to Black Oak, Arkansas to visit my girl friend and her family. While I was staying with them her friend Dusten and Amanda came over, we were sitting there talking about random things then we got on the subject of ghosts. I thought I had one a few months ago but they said there’s a few haunted places around there that they wanted to show me so I said “lets do it.”
We left and headed down the street to the blue church. We went in and headed upstairs as we started hearing this knocking sound coming from the left of us, we went back outside pretty freaked, but we went back after we retrieved my girl friend’s camera from her house and started taking pictures, those I do not have.
Well Dusten picked something up on the first floor and the knocking happened again but I didn’t hear it because I was halfway up the steps to the second floor. I heard them freak out and head outside so I went out to check on them, they told me what happened so I told them lets go back in and check the upstairs again with the camera, as we went back up Amanda took a picture of the top floor then the knocking happened the third time but it was closer like it was in front of us, we got scared out of our minds and bolted out not going back there that night.
Afterwards we left and headed to another house, me and Amanda stayed outside with my girl friend while Dusten went in to the brick house he came back out not a minute later telling us he saw something grab a sheet and fling it up. We left that house because there was someone living next door and didn’t want to bother them. We headed to the last house they mentioned in the next town over, I don’t remember the name of the town but it was about 5 minutes away, when we got there Amanda, me, and Dusten went in while my girl friend stayed outside she was to scared to go in. We walked around taking pictures just looking around maybe hoping to see something. We went into the kitchen of the house and Dusten told us to stop because he saw lights. We did so and looked around, I looked outside this big bare window watching to see if someone was outside, as I was about to turn to Dusten to see if the coast was clear I saw this form walk by the window, no one was moving, there were no lights outside, I just stared at it as it walked by, it was white with no head, as it got to the far side of the window closes to the spot Dusten was at I looked at him and he was staring at the bottom of this door in the utility room, I looked down and watched this shadow cross under the door.
We left right after that and went outside as quickly as possible. We ran into this dude they knew and asked him if he went by the house or went around the house we were in and he said no and that he has been talking to my girl friend the whole time, so we hopped in the car and left.
The pictures we took showed a form of a kid in the top of the blue church and another showed an orb, we presumed it was, we showed my girl friend’s mom who was a amateur ghost hunter and she said that she can see the kid and she looked at the orb but said it could possibly an orb but it could also be dust. We haven’t been back to those places since and every time I passed by the blue church I looked at the window of the top floor always feeling like someone was watching us pass.

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Black Oak Ghosts
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