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PostSubject: Neanderthals   Fri Sep 03, 2010 12:08 am

This strange and elongated skull is estimated to be tens of thousands of years old and was found in South America. Obviously human with unatural abnormalities the skull exhibits characteristics of both human and Neanderthal skulls. There wouldn't be much to this skull if it were not for the fact that Neanderthals never existed in South America. So how did the skull arrive here? Scientists aren't sure. The only explanation they have for the abnormally elongated skull is that the primitive race of people it belonged to used an ancient practice known as "skull binding". "skull binding" ,in which a person's head is tightly bound with cloth or leather straps throughout his/her lifetime, was used as a religious practice. Causing the skull to grow in this dramatic way was thought to appease and honor one's god.

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