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 White Shadow

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PostSubject: White Shadow   Sat Sep 04, 2010 5:44 pm

White Shadow

by evilolivia

My friend and I were at this hotel. The whole school was staying there because we just won a soccer tournament and it was promised to us if we won. Me and her unpacked our stuff and got online. She plugged her camera in her laptop and it all went black. We figured it was just something wrong with the internet. Then something from the computer came, it was a soft sound, like hearing someone scratch their nails on a chalk board. She shut it off and let it rest. Then we heard something in the hall. It was like someone stepping back and forth. We went outside to see if it was one of our friends but as we got closer to the door, the sound seemed to run away. When we got there, it was gone, but there was a white shadow by the door. We ran back in and called over to the neighboring room. They looked out and saw it next to their door. We all met in the middle where their was a door that connected both rooms. We decided to sleep together that night, but one of our friends got sick. When we left the hotel she was fine.

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White Shadow
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