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 Jack the Ripper Tour

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PostSubject: Jack the Ripper Tour    Sat Sep 04, 2010 5:45 pm

Jack the Ripper Tour

by kate7721

When I was visiting my friend in London, we decided to go on a Jack the Ripper tour. So the next morning we decided to sign up for the tour. We decided to go around 11:00 p.m. At the end some people who were on the tour were talking about the restricted area. So my friend and I thought, let's wait until everyone leaves and we'll go in the restricted area.

Finally, after everyone was gone, we went in the restricted area. We took a few pictures by the fireplace and we left. A couple of days later I flew home. After about 1 week I got the pictures developed. I looked and saw a figure of a man standing by the fire place and it was said that the room was haunted by Jack the Ripper's ghost. So I go to my house and showed my Fiance. Then we went to our friend's house. We showed him the pictures. But when we showed him the phone rang like it did in London. So he thought that was weird. He picked up the phone and there was a lady with a British accent. But she said that he called her. My Fiance and

I left.

Then the next night our television kept turning on. But the weird thing is it would turn on to shows about the tour. All of these weird things kept happening until finally my Fiance said we had to burn these pictures so we did and all of these weird things stopped

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Jack the Ripper Tour
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