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 Signature Rules

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PostSubject: Signature Rules   Thu Oct 15, 2009 3:57 pm

In recent days staff have been made aware that some of the forums participants (incl. staff) are not happy with the way some members utilize the space within the Signature Section of each individuals post.

SO, I've written up some new rules and restrictions to ensure that the forum continues to run smoothly and more importantly...that everyone is happy!

The previous 'rule' was that there wasn't one, but this

450 pixels Wide (maximum-at all times)
300 Pixels High (maximum-at all times)

This is the new guide.

No un-spoilered Signature is allowed to exceed these limits.
This also includes multiple images, the combined 'height' must not exceed 400 pixels.

Additional lines of text such as links to the rules, threads, and so on are still allowed (character limit already in play - naturally).

There is but ONE loop-hole here that we will allow members to use...that is....


Amazing aren't they

If you wish to have an art work in your signature that is larger than the above specifications...then you MUST spoiler tag it [*spoiler] image [*/spoiler] (remove the *'s).

The staff has agreed that we will allow ONE WEEK of misconduct in this regard, one week from this threads creation, to change any signatures to the right size, apply spoiler tags and so on.

Following this, we will be issuing warnings and infractions (eventually bans for anyone who is that adamant against the rules) accordingly.

We're not trying to stop anyone expressing their artistry in their signatures, BUT we need to keep the forum tidy, afterall, without restrictions and Spoiler Tags it takes silly time scrolling and loading just one page of an active topic.

If anyone has any problems regarding these new rulings please feel free to notify myself or another member of the friendly site staff.
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Signature Rules
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