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 Try Your Name In Japanese

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PostSubject: Try Your Name In Japanese   Tue Sep 25, 2012 6:49 pm

Use the letters below to make your name in Japanese.

Here's how:
Take EACH letter of your name
For example:
Camryn = Mikarinshifuto

A= ka
D= te
E= ku
F= lu
G= ji
H= ri
I= ki
J= zu
K= me
L= ta
M= rin
N= to
O= mo
P= no
Q= ke
R= shi
S= ari
T = chi
U= do
V= ru
X= na
Y= fu
Z= zi

You can do other words and names too if you want. This is just for fun, so HAVE FUN! .lol.

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Try Your Name In Japanese
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