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 Insane Asylum - Resident Physician

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PostSubject: Insane Asylum - Resident Physician   Mon Mar 15, 2010 9:10 pm

The Resident Physician, who shall also be the Superintendent, shall be
the chief executive officer of the Asylum; he shall have the general
superintendence of the buildings, grounds, and property, subject to the
laws and regulations of the Trustees; he shall have the sole control and
management of the patients; he shall ascertain their condition, daily
prescribe their treatment, and adopt such sanitary measures as he may
think best; he shall appoint, with the approval of the Trustees, so many
attendants and assistants as he may think proper and necessary for the
economical and efficient performance of the business of the Asylum,
prescribe their several duties and places;--he shall, also, from time to
time, give such orders and instructions as he may judge best calculated
to insure good conduct, fidelity and economy in every department of
labor and expense; and he is authorized and enjoined to maintain
salutary discipline among all who are employed by the Institution, and
uniform obedience to all the rules and regulations of the
Asylum.--[State Law of 1858.

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Insane Asylum - Resident Physician
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