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 Insane Asylum - Overseers Of Laundry

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PostSubject: Insane Asylum - Overseers Of Laundry   Mon Mar 15, 2010 9:35 pm

1. The Overseers of the laundry will have charge of the house and
furniture of the laundry; they will be held responsible for the
safe-keeping of the clothing delivered to them, until they shall be
washed, ironed and returned, in a suitable condition for immediate use,
to the assorting room, and placed in the charge of the Supervisor.

2. They shall keep the house and furniture in good order, and see that
everything is safely locked up at night; they shall observe the rules
and regulations of the Institution, and see that they are observed by
all who are employed under them, and shall report any remissness, or
neglect of duty, to the Superintendent or Steward.

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Insane Asylum - Overseers Of Laundry
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