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 Dirty Survey

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PostSubject: Dirty Survey   Mon Mar 29, 2010 11:17 pm

I actually got permittions from Jen to post this thread. Maybe I won't get in trouble too much .lol.

If anyone gets offended, please forgive me. Or just don't post. Wink

We're all friends here, no one will judge you due to ur answers.
Name? Camryn

Have a Stripper name (if not, what would it be if you did)? Winter
( )

What color is your underwear? Silky blue and grey boxers

When was the last time you masterbated? This afternoon

Rough or soft? Both

Do you like to be spanked? Of course

What about bitten? Yup

Hot wax? Nu huh

Hand cuffs or rope? Both Wink

When was the last time you had sex? Like an hour or so ago Wink

Kissed someone? A few mins ago

Some one kissed you? A few Mins ago

Faked an orgasm? Never

What do you say when you dont want to hurt feelings but...

You dont want to give your number to him/her? Hell no

When during sex you are finished and you want them to hurry up? I make sure my girl cum first Wink

You dont want to talk to some one anymore? Go Away

The sex was horrible? Sexy is never horrible

Copy and paste with ur own answers

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Dirty Survey
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