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 Waverly Hills - Room 502

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PostSubject: Waverly Hills - Room 502   Wed Aug 18, 2010 10:09 pm

Of all the rooms within the Waverly Hills sanatorium room 502 is the most notorious. Said to have been the setting for at least two suicides, including those of a nurse known as 'Mary Hillenburg' who hung herself in room 502 after becoming pregnant out of wedlock, and that of another nurse who is said to have jumped out of the window of room 502.

Ghost hunters and other visitors to Waverly Hills sanatorium frequently report sightings of so called 'Shadow People', apparitions that appear to have substance, but are however able to walk through walls, etc.

Room 502
This is one of the more notorious areas of the Sanatorium. There have been reported sightings of a nurse in full uniform, overwhelming since of despair, hostile voices and/or acts, and all sorts of strange activity. There also two different stories attached to this room. One has a nurse jumping to her death from the window of the room, while another has a different nurse hanging herself in the room in 1928 after becoming pregnant out of wedlock. While the legend persists, there is evidence to suggest that the latter story actually took place elsewhere. There is documentation that exists that has two nurses dying in the facility, but neither list suicide as the cause of death. However, this may be out of consideration for the victims and reputation of Waverly Hills, as was common at the time.

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Waverly Hills - Room 502
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