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 The Exorcist and Ouija Boards

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PostSubject: The Exorcist and Ouija Boards   Wed Sep 01, 2010 1:31 am

The Exorcist and Ouija Boards

by Tonja

Did you know that the movie “The Exorcist” is actually based on the exorcism of a 13-year-old boy, who is known as “Roland Doe?” He lived in the Washington D.C. area and this boy’s “Aunt Tillie” bought an Ouija Board-which they both used.
In the movie “The Exorcist,” they clearly portray Regan, (who becomes possessed) showing her mother an Ouija Board that she used to contact an entity named “Mr. Howdy.”
Just thought you should know that and I have my own story to tell.
I and a friend of mine used an Ouija Board on two occasions in 1984, but nothing happened both times while we were using it. About a week later, I was at home with only my infant daughter there with me, doing dishes, when I heard a voice plainly say my name about 3 feet behind me and to my right. It said my name rather quickly. The voice wasn’t evil sounding but it definitely was not soothing. I would have to say that it was male.
After hearing my name being called I whipped my head around and to my right, and no one was there. This of course freaked me out and I immediately went to our bedroom to check on my baby. Both of us slept together on the couch in the living room that night. I checked all of the windows and the back door of our house, all the while carrying a large kitchen knife… everything was unopened and locked up.
I also started praying out loud asking for Jesus to protect us from whatever entity my friend and I had conjured up. My husband was out of town working with a crew to clean up a train wreck.
After my husband returned a couple of days later, I told him what happened and then burned the Ouija Board. That was 26 ago and to this day I will have absolutely nothing to do with Ouija Boards.

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The Exorcist and Ouija Boards
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